Maintenance Wash

(1+ hour(s))

* Exterior wash/dry (bugs removed)

* Door-jams wiped

* Interior vacuumed and wiped down (trunk if empty)

* Windows cleaned (Int & Ext)

* Tires shined (unless requested not to)

(Dog hair removal extra)


Small car - $50+

Trucks/SUV's - $60+

Maintenance Detail

(Half Day)

This package includes the services with the Maintenance Wash Package, plus...

* Paint sealed with polymer paint protection (lasts longer than wax alone)

* Interior mats scrubbed/cleaned

* Interior surfaces (dash, console, doors) cleaned and protected


Small car - $150+

Truck/SUV's - $175+

Complete Full Detail

(Full Day)

This package includes everything with the Maintenance Detail Package, plus...

* 1-step paint polishing (to clean paint and remove minor swirls/scratches)

* Interior steam-clean and hot water extraction of seats and carpets (leather seats conditioned if needed)


Small car - $300+

Truck/SUV - $350+

More about our services

Some services can be done à la carte with any maintenance wash or detail package. We also offer paint coating protection to give your vehicle years (not months) of protection from bugs and water-spots.